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History and Milestones

Company Background

WAECO was founded in 1974 by the two brothers Wähning.

The Wähning brothers created the first battery powered refrigerator for the mobile use. This first mobile refrigerator paved the way to what is now the world's most varied range of mobile refrigeration products for private and professional use. Quality, speed in product development and variety in product offer have won the company an excellent reputation.

In the early seventies it was virtually impossible on board a sailing yacht or boat to keep food and beverages fresh for a longer time. Two brothers, Theodor and Peter Wähning, had an ingenious idea. They created the first battery powered refrigerator – and that was the birth of WAECO.

To solve the problem of mobile cooling, the two founders designed a refrigerator with a hermetic cooling circuit, driven by a compressor and powered by a battery. A sensation at the time, the benefits of their invention are now widely taken for granted by the mobile community. The first mobile fridge paved the way to what is now the world's most varied range of mobile refrigeration products for private and professional use.

WAECO has lead the way in this industry for 40 years now, setting new standards in terms of quality and functionality time and again. There are many products to prove this point: designer mini fridges with cult potential, wine climatisers for perfect mobile enjoyment, powerful coolers that can be operated from various energy sources, and last but not least WAECO's legendary compressor refrigerators and cooling unit series.

Quality and variety, combined with a comprehensive service offer, have won the company an excellent reputation. The customer base includes end-users as well as renowned manufacturers of cars, trucks, motorhomes and yachts who appreciate WAECO as a competent partner for custom design and series production.

The untiring dedication of the Wähning brothers helped the company grow at a breath-taking pace. New product lines were launched almost every year to close the gaps in the range and create what Theodor and Peter Wähning considered a seamless offer. In parallel to the constantly growing range of mobile cooling appliances, the two pioneers developed a wide array of electronic accessories for economical use of precious battery power.

Doing the small step from mobile cooling to mobile kitchen equipment was then a logical progression for WAECO. Microwave ovens, coffeemakers and car kettles, all designed for the rigours of mobile use, were added to the range to provide travellers with unprecedented comfort and convenience.

In 1981 WAECO forged a partnership with DIAVIA, an Italian company specialised in vehicle air conditioning – the technology required to generate cold under mobile conditions. The cooperation resulted in a dense network of AirCon service partners and made the company the Number One in the European market for retrofit automotive air conditioners. Here again, competence is what matters most to WAECO. Training courses are organised on a regular basis to provide the partners with valuable know-how. A perfect logistic system guarantees fast delivery of spare parts and consumables.

While working on retrofit air conditioners, WAECO discovered many new opportunities to provide motor enthusiasts with even more safety and comfort. As a result, they created a wide range of automotive accessories all designed for fast and easy DIY fitting. This activity paved the way to another product segment where WAECO now ranks as the European market leader: reversing video systems for private and professional use.

Global expansion progressed at a similar pace. Today WAECO brings comfort and safety to customers on four continents through its subsidiaries in the USA, Australia, the Middle East and the Far East. With a local presence in markets around the globe, the company could respond quickly and individually to its customers' demands.

Dometic Group

On March 1, 2007, WAECO became part of the Dometic Group and the brand WAECO became an important part of the Dometic Group brand portfolio.

Learn more about the Group on the corporate website, www.dometicgroup.com

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