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WAECO Best Brand 2018 "Werkstatt aktuell"

WAECO voted “Best Brand” for the fourth time running

ASC air con service units convince workshop and service professionals. The readers of the WERKSTATT aktuell trade magazine have voted the ASC series by WAECO one of “The Best Brands of 2018” in the category “air con service units”. The prestigious vote was organized in cooperation with the DEKRA Technical Support Organization. Readers were requested to assess leading members of the utility vehicle branch as well as their products and services. The award was granted at the Nuremburg Race Course now at the occasion of the Truck Grand Prix 2018. It is the third time running that WAECO ASC air con service units have won this highly coveted award. » Read more
Kosten sparen mit Low Emission

Why it pays to invest in a low-emission service unit

Cost-efficient A/C service. Strict environmental laws and surging refrigerant prices will soon lead to a situation where motor garages will no longer be able to afford any refrigerant loss when repairing automotive A/C systems. AirCon specialist WAECO comes up with a well engineered solution for economical, eco-friendly A/C service already now: the company’s low-emission service units achieve a refrigerant recovery rate of close to 100%. Two models are available for the car segment of the market: ASC 2500 G for R 134a refrigerant and ASC 5500 G RPA for the “new” R 1234yf refrigerant. » Read more
Coming soon

This makes service work on CO2 air conditioning systems considerably safer

WAECO presents upgrade of its CO2 A/C service unit. R 744 (also known as CO2) continues to be available as an alternative to the formerly used R 134a refrigerant, and temporarily also as an alternative to R 1234yf. Even though only very few vehicle manufacturers are using this eco-friendly substance, WAECO went on researching into the technology of its ASC 7400 G service unit for carbon dioxide air conditioners, which was presented for the first time at the Automechanika two years ago. » Read more
Klimaservice am Bus

How to serve valuable time when dowing service work on the A/C systems of busses and rail vehicles

WAECO presents new technology. WAECO presented its new ASC 3500G Low Emission service unit for buses and rail vehicles as early as in 2017. A/C service on buses and rail vehicles involves particularly high emission rates and thus considerable loss of R 134a refrigerant, which is increasingly scarce in supply. The new service unit cannot solve the problems resulting from the European legislation stipulating a limited use of R 134a refrigerant. It does, however, provide a solution to make more sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-efficient use of the existing resources. During the low-emission phase, the unit achieves a genuine deep-discharge. It recovers and recycles about 1-2 kg of refrigerant from the high-volume air conditioning systems – an amount that would be lost with conventional service units. » Read more
WAECO wins Best Brand 2016 award of PROFI Werkstatt magazine

Workshop professionals trust Europe’s No. 1 in A/C service

WAECO wins Best Brand 2016 award of PROFI Werkstatt magazine. Selecting from 200 well known brands the readers of the German PROFI Werkstatt magazine have appointed WAECO the “Best Brand 2016” in the category of A/C service units. The Emsdetten, Germany based AirCon specialist WAECO walked away with the trophy for a second time in a row, and has thus, once again, proven its hands-on expertise. The prestigious prize was awarded by Huss Verlag, a Munich based publishing house,  during a ceremony at the Automechanika show in Frankfurt. The Automechanika is the world’s leading trade fair of the automotive service industry, with offshoots in 16 locations around the globe. » Read more
Dometic and Idemitsu seal a strategic partnership

Dometic and Idemitsu seal a strategic partnership

Hand in hand for professional service. Air conditioning specialist Dometic WAECO from now on offers its customers original refrigerator oils from Idemitsu for use in automotive air conditioning systems. To this end, the two companies have recently sealed a strategic partnership covering a cooperation in refrigerator oils for R 134a and R 1234yf A/C systems. Both firms will offensively communicate this move to the public at Automechanika 2016 in Frankfurt. » Read more
ASC Low Emission in use

WAECO LowEmission process control

The A/C service technology of the future. From the beginning of next year Europe’s automotive manufacturers will be obliged to use an environment-friendly refrigerant in the A/C systems of their vehicles – without any ifs and buts. “Environment-friendly refrigerants”, says the EU regulation, are refrigerants with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 150. As a result, the new, relatively expensive R 1234yf refrigerant is going to be introduced in all new vehicle models to be registered in Europe. » Read more
Low Emission Four steps to a truly complete discharge

Low Emission – Four steps to a truly complete discharge

WAECO ASC Low Emission. The patented low-emission technology of WAECO’s ground-breaking ASC-series A/C service stations has become well established in the market. AirCon professionals are convinced by the benefits of the environmentally sound and cost-saving technology. The advantages of the low-emission concept are obvious, while the individual process steps behind have been hidden so far. A/C specialist WAECO now makes the process fully visible: the display of the ASC service stations with low-emission technology now show the individual steps of professional A/C service clearly and comprehensibly. » Read more

Professional standard

ASC by WAECO is, and has been for years, the abbreviation for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology in A/C service equipment. The series is constantly improved and complemented to meet future requirements. All ASC service units are state of the art and fully automatic

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