R744 Refrigerant

Fit for the future

The refrigerant for busses

Carbon dioxide (R744) is over a thousand times less harmful on the atmosphere than the conventional R134a refrigerant. It has an excellent cooling capacity, it is not flammable and readily available worldwide at low cost. Leading bus manufacturers already launched the first models with R 744 air conditioners.

About the R744 A/C Refrigerant

With the automotive industry swinging towards electric power, electrically powered hermetic compressors in A/C systems will enable R744 to become the standard refrigerant for years to come.

As innovators at the cutting-edge of automotive air conditioning technology, WAECO already provide eco-friendly and profitable service units for R744 air conditioner systems.

CO2 A/C systems and thus the service hoses are subject to high system pressures of up to 180 bar

Bearing in mind that service hoses are exposed to everyday stress in the workshop anyway. A situation which is difficult to simulate in the laboratory. Bending and compression loads cause hoses to age faster than one would expect. It might lead to the "tearing" of a hose, which causes so-called "hose whips", which can lead to serious injuries to anyone standing close by. The new WAECO hose package helps to avoid this.

Thanks to the integrated "safety rope" working on CO2 A/C systems becomes much safer.

Safety Rope