Air conditioning service unit for R134a, 14 kg, Low Emission

State-of-the-art, fully automatic service unit for R134a A/C systems. WAECO Low Emission technology for almost 100 % refrigerant recovery and virtually no harmful service emissions. Prepared for retrofitting of a gas analyzer.
art.nr : 9103301871
Used oil container
Used oil container

Innovative refrigerant return system prevents refrigerant loss and harmful emissions

Patented Low Emission technology
Patented Low Emission technology

Almost 100 % refrigerant recovery with 4-step process

Optional gas analyzer
Optional gas analyzer

Meets SAE standard, with robust metal housing and gas probe on low pressure side

...And more
    • Fully automatic A/C service – saves time and effort in the workshop
    • Almost 100 % refrigerant recovery with patented WAECO Low Emission technology
    • Great diagnosis tool – reliable leak detection and highly accurate recharging
    • Virtually 0 % service emission thanks to used oil container and Low Emission concept
    • Heated charging cylinder for high-speed charging – heat-up also possible during charging process
    • Database with personalized charging amount for 100 different vehicles
    • Individual user code prevents unauthorized access

Highly efficient, eco-friendly A/C service

The WAECO ASC 2500 G comes with our patented Low Emission technology, which allows close to 100 % refrigerant recovery with virtually no harmful emission into the atmosphere. This fully automatic A/C service station is also great as a diagnosis tool. All refrigerant storage components are integrated on the weighing platform, so the amount of the recovered refrigerant can be exactly determined. This makes the ASC 2500 G a smart leak detector and an accurate service tool for modern cars with smaller charging amounts.

Frequently asked questions


SKU number 9103301871 
For Refrigerant R134a 
Input voltage (AC) 220-240 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Purity of recovered refrigerant (SAE J 2099) Yes 
Refrigerant recovery rate 30.00 kg/h
Vacuum pump capacity 5 cars/h 
Performance of the hermetic compressor 0.32 kW
Dry filter capacity 150.00 kg
Refrigerant recycling rate Close to 100 % 
Can be used as diagnosis tool Yes 
Refrigerant Capacity 14.00 kg
Refrigerant analysis External / Optional 
Recovery/recycling Automatic 
Purging of non-condensable gases Automatic / Electronic 
Purging of used oil Automatic 
Evacuation Automatic 
Vacuum check Automatic 
Nitrogen leak check No 
Injection of leak detection additive Automatic 
Injection of oil into the A/C system Automatic 
Refrigerant charging Automatic 
High/low pressure indicated by Manometer 
Vacuum indicated by Display 
Total process control indicated by Display 
Option to set the evacuation time Yes 
Protocol print-out possible Yes 
EAN-13 4000907016803