UV leak detection kit

UV leak detection is a highly reliable technology. It's capable of tracing ultra-fine leaks and is also the only method available for identifying vibration leaks, making it an indispensible tool for checking and maintaining an A/C system. The WAECO AirCon Service range includes complete UV leak detection kits as well as a wide choice of supporting tools and accessories.
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    • Complete UV leak detection kit, including: hand pump, 2 cartridges of leak dye, low-side service hose and valve adapter, UV leak detection lamp, UV glasses, GLO-AWAY (225 ml), TRACER® underhood labels (50 pcs.)
    • Offers highly effective leak detection – can trace ultra-fine leaks and also the only method available for identifying vibration leaks
    • Comes in a sturdy case in PAG oil-resistant plastic
    • For leak detection on R134a A/C systems in combination with PAG oil
    • Hand pump and cartridges can be stored mounted ready for use
    • Approved by automotive manufacturers

Safe and effective leak detection

Decreasing refrigerant charging amounts in automotive A/C systems requires more sensitive leak detection equipment. This is where WAECO provides a convincing solution with its highly fluorescent additives, lamps and goggles which are perfectly coordinated. UV leak detection additives are well proven for their fast, easy to use and highly accurate leak detection at a competitive costs. Caution is advised because poor quality leak detection additives can cause wear on the seals in the air conditioner and in the A/C service unit. Moreover, they can contain solvents that impair the refrigerant oil‘s lubricating ability. For use with refrigerant oils (PAG, mineral oil, ester), there’s currently only one UV additive available that contains no solvents whatsoever, features an excellent fluorescence and is based on high-quality refrigerant oils only. Its name: TRACER®. When properly applied, this additive is absolutely safe for use in all types of automotive air conditioners and A/C service units. Special TRACER® leak detection additives have already been approved for use with new refrigerants, such as CO2 and R1234yf. TRACER® products contain 10 times more dye than other UV additives, which makes them much more effective when it comes to tracing smaller leaks.

Safe and effective leak detection


SKU number 8885300072 
Model UV Leak Detection 
Product Description UV leak detection kit