Air conditioning service unit for R134a, 26 kg

High-volume, fully automatic A/C service unit – specially designed for buses, trains, helicopters and custom applications. Humidity-free storage and feeding system for fresh oil and UV additive, data printer and dust cover included as standard.
art.nr : 9103301892
Integrated fluid pump
Integrated fluid pump

For fast recharging of high-volume A/C systems

Optional heat belt
Optional heat belt

Faster recycling – up to 80 % less work time for A/C service on high-volume A/C systems

Optional gas analyzer
Optional gas analyzer

Meets SAE standard, with robust metal housing and gas probe on low pressure side

...And more
    • Fully automatic A/C service – saves time in the workshop and prevents costly downtimes
    • Comes with high-capacity vacuum pump and additional fluid pump – designed for large vehicles
    • Heated charging cylinder for high-speed charging – heat-up also possible during the charging process
    • Optional heat belt for faster recycling saves up to 80 % work time during A/C service
    • Heavy-duty design with 8-bearing weighing platform – no calibration needed
    • Humidity-free storage and feeding system for fresh oil and UV additive
    • Approved by Deutsche Bahn, EvoBus, OMNIplus, Valeo

Professional A/C service on buses and trains

Save valuable time when servicing the air conditioning on large vehicles such as buses and trains. Since downtime is extremely costly for operators, speed and reliability are vital. Key service tasks such as refrigerant recovery, evacuation and refrigerant recharging need to be performed within a tight timeframe. The WAECO ASC 3300 G perfectly meets these requirements. Featuring a 192 l vacuum pump and an extra fluid pump, the fully automatic service unit guarantees fast and efficient refrigerant recharging. It can be upgraded with a heat belt to save a further 80 % work time.

Frequently asked questions


SKU number 9103301892 
For Refrigerant R134a 
Input voltage (AC) 220-240 V
Input frequency 50/60 Hz
Purity of recovered refrigerant (SAE J 2099) Yes 
Refrigerant recovery rate 30.00 kg/h
Vacuum pump capacity 192 l/min 
Performance of the hermetic compressor 0.32 kW
Dry filter capacity 150.00 kg
Refrigerant recycling rate Min. 95 % 
Can be used as diagnosis tool No 
Refrigerant Capacity 26.00 kg
Refrigerant analysis External / Optional 
Recovery/recycling Automatic 
Purging of non-condensable gases Automatic 
Purging of used oil Automatic 
Evacuation Automatic 
Vacuum check Automatic 
Nitrogen leak check No 
Injection of leak detection additive Automatic 
Injection of oil into the A/C system Automatic 
Refrigerant charging Automatic 
High/low pressure indicated by Manometer 
Vacuum indicated by Display 
Total process control indicated by Display 
Option to set the evacuation time Yes 
Protocol print-out possible Yes 
EAN-13 4000907017442 


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