ASC 3500 G Low Emission

  • ASC 3500 G Low Emission
ASC 3500 G Low Emission

Highly efficient A/C service on large vehicles, such as buses, trains and helicopters. Close to 100 % refrigerant recovery.

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Product Description

Close to 100 % discharge in four steps

Most A/C service units available in the market today are using three major process steps: refrigerant recovery via the compressor, evacuation of the refrigerant circuit via the vacuum pump, and refrigerant recharging. WAECO ASC Low Emission service units are using an additional process step to ensure that close to 100 % of the refrigerant can be recovered.

In this process step the vacuum pump teams up with the compressor to recover also the residual amount of refrigerant contained in the oil. This additional step – indicated by the orange ECO LED on the new operator display – gives two major advantages. First, there’s virtually no refrigerant lost or escaping into the environment. Second, the exact amount of the recovered refrigerant can be identified in the subsequent weighing. This avoids misinterpretation with regard to the tightness of the A/C system, which would otherwise lead to unnecessary troubleshooting and costly repairs.

The 4 steps of the WAECO Low Emission service process

Refrigerant recovery: The refrigerant is recovered from the vehicles A/C system with the help of the compressor of the A/C service unit.

Used oil drainage: The vacuum pump teams up with the compressor to recover also the residual amount of refrigerant contained in the oil, also during the drainage of the used oil. No refrigerant lost or escaping into the environment.

Vacuum phase: The vacuum pump is switched on automatically and ensures deep down evacuation of the A/C system. Since the vacuum pump is connected to the internal container of the Low Emission service unit, the refrigerant does not escape into the environment now, but is collected in the internal container.

Refrigerant recharging: The A/C system is charged with the vehicle-specific amount of refrigerant from the tank of the A/C service unit.

Please note that the sustainable and economical use of R 134a will be an issue of growing importance in the future!
The EU directive about the shortage of available R 134a resources has already been in force since 1st January 2015.


The new F-gas regulation of the European Union has been in force since January 1st 2015. Aiming at a reduction of the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases, it regulates, among other things, the import quantities for the marketing of R 134a refrigerant. One thing is for sure already: R 134a is going to run short and will become very expensive. Refrigerant loss will be something no workshop can afford in the future.

Invest in a low-emission service unit now to be able to offer your customers an attractive and cost-efficient A/C service in the long run. Dometic WAECO’s well engineered low-emission concept keeps you a step ahead of your competitors.

Phase-down timetable for R 134a

Years Reduction
2015 100%
2016 – 2017 93%
2018 – 2020 63%
2021 – 2023 45%
2024 – 2026 31%
2027 – 2029 24%
2030 21%

Profitable A/C service on large vehicles

The new ASC 3500 G Low Emission A/C service unit offers all the benefits of the WAECO Low Emission technology: close to 100 % refrigerant recovery with our well proven four-step process, virtually zero harmful refrigerant emission into the atmosphere. Plus, not forgetting, an exact identification of the recovered amount of refrigerant, which avoids laborious (and unnecessary) troubleshooting and repairs. Integrating a powerful vacuum pump with a flow rate of 192 litres per minute, the ASC 3500 G Low Emission qualifies for highly efficient A/C service on large vehicles, such as buses, trains and helicopters. This is where the WAECO Low Emission concept pays off in considerable savings, because the overall amount of refrigerant to be recovered per service run is much larger than with car A/C systems. An additional fluid pump ensures fast refrigerant recharging.

  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Charging cylinder storage capacity: 26 kg, vacuum pump capacity 192 l/min
  • Performance of the hermetic compressor 0,6 kW
  • Humidity free storage and feeding system for fresh oil and UV additive including test bottles
  • Print-out of important service data, several print-outs possible
  • Fully automatic refrigerant recycling, oil and additive management
  • Automatic vacuum check
  • Automatic charging of leak detection additive
  • Integrated refrigerant charging and recovery amount management
  • Integrated charging amount database
  • Complies with SAE J 2099 and SAE J 2788
  • Close to 100 % refrigerant recovery
  • Virtually 0 % service emission thanks to patented used oil container and Low Emission concept
  • Personalised charging amount database
  • Operator guidance via large display
  • Swivel and tilt manometer panel (patented)
  • Swivel-mount display and information unit (patented)
  • Heated charging cylinder for high-speed charging, heat-up also possible during the charging process
  • Special, 8-bearing weighing platform
  • Special air conditioner flush function
  • Large recessed tray for tools
  • Also suitable for hybrid vehicles if the optional flushing kit for the ASC’s internal circuit was installed
  • Service hoses 8 m
  • Patented used oil container
  • USB interface and soft graphic display

Individual user code

To prevent unauthorised use of WAECO A/C service units, up to 10 user names can be programmed in combination with individual PIN codes.

Personalised charging amount database

ASC-series units give you the option to create a personalised charging amount database for 100 different vehicle

Low Emission

Virtually no refrigerant escaping into the environment and identification of the exact amount of the recovered refrigerant in the weighing procedure avoids unnecessary troubleshooting.

USB interface

Via the USB port you can simply update the software of the service unit. Or export important data to a USB stick for further processing on a laptop or PC.