Multi gas leak detector

Electronic leak detection systems are capable of finding very small leaks, but with standard models it can be difficult – not to mention time-consuming – to apply the probe correctly in certain sections of the A/C system. This innovative electronic leak detector features a measuring head on a flexible neck, which makes it easier to reach tight corners and gives you the ability to thoroughly check all areas of an A/C system for leaks.
č. pol.: 8885100124
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    • Effective multi gas leak detector: identifies all FC- and CFC-based refrigerants and blends
    • Can be programmed to work in heavily contaminated environments (e.g. an engine compartment)
    • Excellent sensitivity and consistent performance throughout the sensor’s lifetime
    • Microprocessor-controlled sensor electronics, with multi-channel signal recognition
    • Complies with all relevant international standards, including SAE J2913 for R1234yf, SAE J2791 for R134a and EN14624:2005.


Číslo modelu 8885100124 
Model Electronic Leak Detection 
Model na štítku Multi Gas Electronic Leak Detector 
Multi gas leak detector 
Pre chladiace médium R1234yf, R134a 
EAN-13 4015704224191