Flash Memory Card, ASC 5000 RPA / ASC 5500 RPA

If you have an older-make A/C service unit, you can easily update the service software and the charging amount database with a WAECO Flash Memory Card. Specific memory cards are available for all A/C service units built prior to 2015.
č. pol.: 4441000139
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    • For ASC 5000 RPA and ASC 5500 RPA service units
    • Provides a quick and easy way to update service unit software and charging amount database
    • Database contains 6,000 vehicle data entries, providing information for the most common types of vehicles
    • Also includes charging amount data for truck air conditioners
    • Specific Flash Memory Cards available for all A/C service units prior to 2015


Číslo modelu 4441000139 
Model Software Update 
Rozsah dodávky FMC 
Flash Memory Card, ASC 5000 RPA / ASC 5500 RPA 
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Pre chladiace médium R1234yf 
EAN-13 4015704223385 
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