Ozone generator, heavy-duty, 1000 mg/h

The Ozone Generator effectively eliminates strong and persistent odors in vehicles, including cigarette smoke, animal smells and mildew. The ozone will neutralize bacteria, mold, viruses and other microorganisms which are the source of the smell.
č. pol.: 8885300140
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    • Effectively eliminates strong and persistent odors (e.g. nicotine, mold, animal smells, vomit, diesel and fuel oil)
    • Easy to use - simply connects to a vehicle's air duct
    • Compact unit in sturdy stainless steel housing
    • Uses ozone oxidation, which neutralizes the source of a bad smell and delivers lasting results, with no chemical substances required
    • Also effective against fungal spores, bacteria and virus strains that have become resistant to certain active substances
    • Connects to 230 V socket


Číslo modelu 8885300140 
Model Ozone Generator 
Ozone generator, heavy-duty, 1000 mg/h 
Certifikáty CE