Surface sensor for dual diagnostic thermometer

Quickly and easily check the effectiveness of a vehicle's air conditioning system by measuring the air outlet temperature at the air vents. The WAECO AirConService range features several thermometers designed for this purpose – including a pocket-sized thermometer, a thermometer with infrared laser technology and a dual diagnostic thermometer, which is recommended for checking two-zone air conditioners. We also offer a separate temperature probe and surface sensor for use with the dual diagnostic thermometer.
č. pol.: 8885100128
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    • Spare surface sensor for WAECO's dual diagnostic thermometer
    • 3 m long sensor line for excellent reach
    • Sensor connects to a suction cup holder, which can be attached to a vehicle's windscreen for added stability and convenience during inspection


Číslo modelu 8885100128 
Model Thermometer 
Surface sensor for dual diagnostic thermometer 
EAN-13 7315091423267