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PVE oil for R 1234yf, kinematic viscosity 56, 250 ml

The WAECO OEM-quality oils are approved by leading car compressor manufacturers. They comply with the oils used by automotive manufacturers worldwide for initial fill and for servicing. Always make sure you use the right type (PAG, POE or PVE) with the right viscosity for the A/C compressor. To find out which type of oil is flowing through the cooling circuit, refer to the vehicle documents or the service sticker of the A/C system.
č. pol.: 8887200083
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    • PVE oil (Polyvinyl ether) – higher tolerance to capillary tube blockage than POE
    • The only approved oil for Volvo EX30 and Zeekr 003
    • Excellent stability – minimal overall TAN increase, even after long term operation
    • Supplied in 250 ml can – simply use the quantity required
    • Also available in WAECO’s professional Oil System for moisture-free storage


Číslo modelu 8887200083 
Model Can 
Rozsah dodávky FVC56EA Oil, 250 ml 
PVE oil for R 1234yf, kinematic viscosity 56, 250 ml 
Rozmery – hĺbka produktu 56 mm
Rozmery – výška produktu 138 mm
Rozmery – šírka produktu 56 mm
Čistá hmotnosť 0.30 kg
Pre chladiace médium R1234yf, R134a 
EAN-13 7315091536530