Nitrogen pressure reducer, 0-20 bar

One way to check for leaks in an A/C system is to use nitrogen gas. This method, which uses differential pressure, is primarily suitable for the initial testing of strongly leaking or even empty systems. The WAECO AirConService range provides professional tools and complete kits for this leak detection method.
  • Facilitates safe nitrogen leak test
  • Adjustment range of 0–20 bar
  • Complies with legal requirements
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    • Enables safe and controlled admission of nitrogen to A/C systems – ideal for checking for leaks using the differential pressure method
    • Adjustable pressure range of 0–20 bar, making it ideal for air conditioner inspections
    • Complies with the requirements outlined in Section Five of the German Chemicals Climate Protection Ordinance
    • Hose set with couplers available as an optional accessory


Numéro SKU 8885400135 
Modèle Nitrogen Leak Detection 
Description du produit Nitrogen pressure reducer, 0-20 bar