SK32, set of O-rings for truck and vans, R134a, 330 items

Repair work on automotive A/C systems often involves the replacement of small parts such as valve cores, O-rings and plugs. With the WAECO Workshop Kits, you can keep everything you need close to hand. The range includes a diverse selection of essential parts for different vehicles. Parts come clearly arranged and conveniently organized in metal cases, helping you to maintain an effective storage system.
  • Keeps essential parts close to hand
  • Pre všetky bežné typy nákladných vozidiel a vanov
  • Practical workshop case
č. pol.: 8885300119
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    • Comprehensive set of O-rings – ensures essential parts are always close to hand
    • Replacement parts for virtually all O-ring connections on truck and van A/C systems
    • Practical workshop case for well-organized storage
    • 17 different O-rings (330 items)


Číslo modelu 8885300119 
Model Reparing Set 
SK32, set of O-rings for truck and vans, R134a, 330 items 
Pre chladiace médium R134a