WAECO ASC 7400 G – Fit for the future

ASC 7400 G - Fit for the future

WAECO ASC 7400 G – Fit for the future

Fit for the future: A/C service unit for CO2

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a naturally occurring resource. When used as R 744 refrigerant, it is over a thousand times less harmful on the environment than the still commonly used refrigerant R 134a. Moreover, it has a an excellent cooling capacity, is not flammable and readily available worldwide at low cost. Leading automotive manufacturers will soon bring the first car models with CO2 air conditioners to the roads. As a trendsetter and innovation partner for an eco-friendly and profitable A/C service, WAECO presents its first ASC service unit for CO2 at the Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt. The new service unit comes with many exceptional quality features.

7-inch wide-screen monitor

For example, the ASC 7400 G is the first WAECO A/C service unit to be fitted with a 7-inch wide-screen monitor instead of the usual display. The touch screen shows all system information at a glance and enables convenient fingertip data entry. On top of this, the unit features USB, LAN and CAN bus interfaces for easy connection to the workshop software as well as a remote control service function, an optional WiFi module and convenient software update by USB. When the unit is connected to the internet, the functions can be retrieved directly from WAECO. It is also possible to order spare parts directly online.

Automatically inspects the ambient air

A key safety feature of the WAECO ASC 7400 G is that the unit automatically inspects the ambient air in the workshop. If the measured values exceed those of normal breathable air by a maximum of 2 percent, the A/C service unit switches off automatically. Additionally, it reliably monitors the pressure conditions inside the service unit and the air conditioning system to eliminate potential dangers.

Besides these quality features, the “A/C service unit of the future” provides all the well known advantages of the WAECO ASC series and is backed up by the comprehensive technical service the German AirCon specialists have become renowned for.

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ASC by WAECO is, and has been for years, the abbreviation for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology in A/C service equipment. The series is constantly improved and complemented to meet future requirements. All ASC service units are state of the art and fully automatic

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