A/C repair accessories

A/C repair accessories for workshops

Accessories for vehicle air conditioning repair

A range of accessories are needed for the convenient and professional repair of a vehicle's air conditioning system. Here you'll find all the accessories required to improve the efficiency, versatility and functionality of your AirCon Service Center.

On certain models of vehicle, the service port is inaccessible with a standard service coupler. So we have developed matching service couplers to give you easy access, wherever the port is positioned. Highly flexible hoses are ideal for the hard-to-reach areas of an A/C system, while our adapters enable you to use low pressure hoses on high pressure systems, and vice-versa. Finally, we know how important it is to be organized. So that's why all our small components, from valve cores to O-rings, are neatly organized in our Workshop Kits – saving you time and stress.

Accessories for A/C Service

Our continued dialogue with the automotive industry means all our products are developed in accordance with the latest quality standards.