ASC series: approved safety

Working with WAECO A/C service centres refrigerants are clean says TÜV

ASC series: approved safety

Working with WAECO A/C
service centres refrigerants are clean says TÜV

Working with WAECO A/C service centres refrigerants are clean says TÜVWAECOs A/C service centres of the ASC series fully meet the strict quality standards for refrigerant cleaning according to the international regulation SAE J2099/J2210. With its official test certificate the TÜV Rhineland confirms the effectiveness of the refrigerant cleaning function of WAECO A/C service centres.That’s why from now on all units of the successful ASC series are being equipped with a stamp of quality.  As a special service WAECO offers customers to retrofit A/C service centres in workshops. On request WAECO will order the stamps to have the centres labelled with the quality certificate.

Maintenance and repair of automotive air conditioners means that the refrigerant is recovered by the A/C service unit, recycled and then recharged to the air conditioner. The degree of purity is crucial for the process. The purity level of the charged refrigerant has to meet the quality of a refrigerant straight from the factory.  The SAE J2099/J2210 regulation clearly defines the authorised contents. Accordingly, the refrigerant has to provide a purity level of 98 percent minimum and may contain  50 ppm humidity, 50 ppm oil,  and 150 ppm non condensable gas (air) maximum, always in relation to the weight of the refrigerant.  Tests have revealed that the required purity level cannot be guaranteed by all A/C service units available in the market.

Any impurities can have far reaching consequences impairing the functionality of the automotive air conditioner. For example, if there is too much air in the service unit, the air outlet temperature will inevitably be increased on the one hand, and the pressure within the air conditioner will be increased accordingly on the other. As a result, the integrated high pressure switch will continuously turn the magnetic clutch on and out. Premature abrasion of the compressor clutch is the natural consequence. According to estimates, there are impurities in the refrigerants of some 4% of all vehicles leaving the A/C service centres. That means, one out of 25 vehicles is concerned.

The service centres of the WAECO ASC series are a guarantee that this problem cannot occur. They have an outlet valve which automatically releases the air taken in during the recovering operation.

Who wants to be on the safe side as to his A/C service centre and its compliance with the strict standards and regulations, will put his trust in the quality certificate of the TÜV.

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ASC by WAECO is, and has been for years, the abbreviation for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology in A/C service equipment. The series is constantly improved and complemented to meet future requirements. All ASC service units are state of the art and fully automatic

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