Often better than the original


Often better than the original

WAECO original replacement
A/C parts in approved quality

WAECO OE-PartsMost workshop customers want their vehicles repaired with spare parts of original quality only. However, there’s even a better alternative: using original replacement A/C parts by Dometic WAECO, workshops and customers are on the safe side in every respect. On the one hand, the quality of WAECO parts is at least as good as that of the factory-fitted original parts. This was confirmed by the test centre of the independent TWK institute, a testing and training centre for refrigeration and heat pump technology based in Karlsruhe, Germany. On the other hand, WAECO spare parts come at truly competitive prices, which ensures good profit margins.Even after years of lead time and development work, wear parts and other vehicle components may show construction-related shortcomings. In such cases, Dometic WAECO takes immediate action to produce an optimised version of the part to replace the original. This approach means that, with WAECO original replacement parts, construction defects are avoided from the very outset. As a result, the spare is better than the original it replaces.

WAECO original replacement parts are first choice in usual workshop routine, too. They come from an exclusive production that is subject to meticulous quality controls. Living up to its ambition as a quality leader, Dometic WAECO maintains its research and development operations at the German site in Emsdetten. Moreover, the company has its products inspected on a regular basis by the independent TWK institute. After a 72-hour continuous test under full load conditions, each component is, once again, scrutinised inside out and assessed for quality. This kind of quality doesn’t have to be expensive, as Dometic WAECO proves time and again – with prices that are hard to beat.

Climate circlePerfect dimensional fit is yet another field where WAECO original replacement parts excel. Sounds like something that can be taken for granted – but it’s worth a note. Accurate engineering and meticulous production ensure that WAECO spares “fit like a glove”. As a result, installation is quick and easy, customer complaints are virtually unknown.
In the rare event of a defect, WAECO will replace the part quickly and without fuss. And more than that, they will also reimburse the labour costs incurred according to EuroTax.
All this goes for the entire WAECO range, i.e. for 40,000 A/C spare parts that are immediately available ex stock, subjected to regular internal and external inspections, and are certified according to BER 1400/2002/EC (Block Exemption Regulation, Paragraphs 1T and U). Last but not least, WAECO’s original replacement part range is backed by perfect order and shipment logistics, including a 24-hour delivery service.

Until recently the service was mainly provided in the traditional core markets of Germany, Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. In the medium term it will be offered across Europe. To this end Dometic WAECO will intensify its cooperation with wholesalers in other European countries. The strategy is to improve the company’s position as a market leader and full service provider in the automotive air conditioning business.

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ASC by WAECO is, and has been for years, the abbreviation for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology in A/C service equipment. The series is constantly improved and complemented to meet future requirements. All ASC service units are state of the art and fully automatic

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