Low Emission Four steps to a truly complete discharge

Low Emission – Four steps to a truly complete discharge

WAECO ASC Low Emission. The patented low-emission technology of WAECO’s ground-breaking ASC-series A/C service stations has become well established in the market. AirCon professionals are convinced by the benefits of the environmentally sound and cost-saving technology. The advantages of the low-emission concept are obvious, while the individual process steps behind have been hidden so far. A/C specialist WAECO now makes the process fully visible: the display of the ASC service stations with low-emission technology now show the individual steps of professional A/C service clearly and comprehensibly. » Read more
ASC 7400 G - Fit for the future

WAECO ASC 7400 G – Fit for the future

Fit for the future: A/C service unit for CO2. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a naturally occurring resource. When used as R 744 refrigerant, it is over a thousand times less harmful on the environment than the still commonly used refrigerant R 134a. Moreover, it has a an excellent cooling capacity, is not flammable and readily available worldwide at low cost. Leading automotive manufacturers will soon bring the first car models with CO2 air conditioners to the roads. As a trendsetter and innovation partner for an eco-friendly and profitable A/C service, WAECO presents its first ASC service unit for CO2 at the Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt. The new service unit comes with many exceptional quality features. » Read more
Today’s automotive A/C systems need to be charged with accuracy

Today’s automotive A/C systems need to be charged with accuracy

The underestimated risk. Several years ago everything was fine in the world of automotive air conditioners. A standard A/C system was charged with about 1.5 kilograms of refrigerant – and it actually didn’t matter if there were 1.3 or 1.7 kilograms of coolant romping about between the compressor and the filter drier, because there was enough leeway in either direction. Those air conditioning systems used to work almost without fail for a long time. And they did so until automotive manufacturers started experimenting with weights and materials where they saw an enormous potential for savings. Today, we are witnessing refrigerant charging amounts of less than 300 grams. 200 grams of refrigerant more or less in these systems can have serious consequences. » Read more
Correct oil separation is the nuts and bolts of A/C service

Correct oil separation is the nuts and bolts of A/C service

Avoid costly damage. The fact that over 90 percent of today’s cars and commercial vehicles is fitted with an air conditioning system makes A/C service a reliable cash machine for automotive workshops. Air conditioner maintenance is not only a good basis for successful business operations, it also protects customers from costly repairs. With the correct amount of refrigerant in the system, the compressor is properly cooled and lubricated thanks to the oil contained in the coolant. If there is too little refrigerant in the circuit, though, the system’s core component – the compressor – cannot be cooled and lubricated sufficiently. Serious compressor damage and chip formation can be the results of this deficiency. » Read more
WAECO Workshop Award 2016

WAECO Workshop Award 2016

Longest serving A/C unit found. When celebrating the production of its 50,000th A/C service unit last year, Dometic WAECO was searching for the oldest WAECO A/C service station still in use. They found it at Bosch Car Service Derichs in Stolberg, a German town near Aachen, where a WAECO RHS 750 has been loyally doing its job for over 25 years now. The good old machine is maintained with loving care by Günter Derichs, who passed his master craftsman’s exams in 1974, the founding year of the WAECO company. The service unit is regularly in use even today, now for the disposal of worn-out R12 A/C systems. » Read more
Werkstat aktuell Leserwahl 2015

WAECO A/C service units convince workshop and service professionals

WAECO wins another “Best Brand 2015” award. When selecting the “Best Brands in 2015” in the category of A/C service units, the readers of the German industry magazine “WERKSTATT aktuell” opted for the ASC series from WAECO. In the prestigious competition held by DEKRA, a German technical expert organisation, readers were invited to evaluate the leading companies of the commercial vehicle industry as well as their products and services. » Read more
On the safe side with ASC 2500G Low Emission

On the safe side

WAECO ASC 2500 Low Emission. According to the latest Eurobarometer poll of the European Commission, 95 percent of EU citizens say that environmental protection, sustainable economic management and responsible use of natural resources are issues close to their hearts. Applied to the service on automotive A/C systems, this heartfelt wish translates into the goal to prevent the emission of climate damaging gases and reduce the cost of A/C service. Both challenges are perfectly met by the ASC 2500 Low Emission A/C service unit from WAECO, which combines economy and environmental compatibility in a unique manner. » Read more

Often better than the original

WAECO original replacement A/C parts in approved quality. Most workshop customers want their vehicles repaired with spare parts of original quality only. However, there’s even a better alternative: using original replacement A/C parts by Dometic WAECO, workshops and customers are on the safe side in every respect. On the one hand, the quality of WAECO parts is at least as good as that of the factory-fitted original parts. This was confirmed by the test centre of the independent TWK institute, a testing and training centre for refrigeration and heat pump technology based in Karlsruhe, Germany. On the other hand, WAECO spare parts come at truly competitive prices, which ensures good profit margins.Even after years of lead time and development work, wear parts and other vehicle components may show construction-related shortcomings. In such cases, Dometic WAECO takes immediate action to produce an optimised version of the part to replace the original. This approach means that, with WAECO original replacement parts, construction defects are avoided from the very outset. As a result, the spare is better than the original it replaces. » Read more

Professional standard

ASC by WAECO is, and has been for years, the abbreviation for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology in A/C service equipment. The series is constantly improved and complemented to meet future requirements. All ASC service units are state of the art and fully automatic

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