WAECO’s Refresh-o-mat

Ultrasound fights bacteria and stops unpleasant odours

WAECO’s Refresh-o-mat

Ultrasound fights
bacteria and stops unpleasant odours

Vehicle interiors can now be cleaned up quickly, reliably and with minimum effort thanks to Refresh-o-mat, WAECO’s new and easy-to-use ultrasonic atomiser. The handy appliance eliminates harmful micro-organisms from the vehicle’s air-conditioning system and stops unpleasant odours in the passenger compartment.These positive effects are caused by two active  substances that are filled into the Refresh-o-mat atomiser: AirCon Refresh is ideally suitable for air-conditioner cleaning and maintenance. Its counterpart, Car Refresh, eliminates intensive odours from upholstery and carpets. It works chemically to give a lasting effect rather than just covering up.

Refresh-o-mat, WAECO's new and easy-to-use ultrasonic atomiserInadequate maintenance of automotive air-conditioners may lead to moisture build-up on the evaporator surface, creating an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mould and other micro-organisms. The contamination soon becomes noticeable in the form of a musty smell. Travelling with the air flow inside the vehicle, the micro-organisms spread in the passenger compartment. Sensitive people, especially children, may show allergic reactions, such as cough, sneezing or watery eyes.

This is completely unnecessary as the regular use of the Refresh-o-mat ultrasonic atomiser prevents the trouble before it arises. Filled with AirCon Refresh air-conditioner cleaner, the unit eliminates harmful micro-organisms and effectively prevents health risks. And that’s how Refresh-o-mat works: The unit is simply placed on the floor in front of the passenger seat, and the air-conditioner is switched on. After about 20 minutes time the unit switches off automatically, leaving behind a clean air-conditioner which creates a truly pleasant climate in the vehicle.

It’s equally easy to eliminate annoying odours from the passenger compartment. Car upholstery, carpets and  roof lining tend to develop stubborn odours after some time of use. The unpleasant smells can be the result of cigarette smoke, plastic emissions or animal odour. They might as well come from the mobile home’s waste water tank or lavatory.  In such cases, a thorough vehicle clean-up will also involve eliminating the annoying odour.

This is where the ultrasonic atomiser comes in. It gives a clean and lasting(!) effect in no time at all.  Working with the Car Refresh active substance, the unit reliably destroys the source of odour – unlike a fragrance that would just cover up.  The procedure is the same: place the appliance on the floor in front of the passenger seat, switch on, wait 20 minutes – done! Maximum effect – minimum effort.

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