Stoppage in the air conditioner system’s refrigerant circuit (Worksheet 7)

Dirt or twisting causes a stoppage in the refrigerant circuit.

  1. Locating the stoppage by looking for an abnormal temperature change along the refrigerant circuit (warm on front of the stoppage, cold after the stoppage).
  2. Draining the refrigerant from the air conditioning system.
  3. Replacing the clogged component.
  4. Checking the refrigerant circuit regarding several dirt accumulations.
  5. Removal of the non-condensible gas in the air conditioning system, which means that the vacuum pump is kept running for at least 30 minutes. Important: check the degree of evacuation!
  6. New filling of the air conditioning system with the recommended refrigerant. The amount of oil sucked out must be replenished again (refer to the assembly instructions or the table of refrigerant quantities).

Did you know …

… that you should never recycle a pressureless air-conditioner, but always test it with nitrogen before filling?

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