Ice formation on the evaporator (Worksheet 8)


When the air conditioning system has been in operation for a few minutes, it is already possible to notice a significant reduction in the air flow at the air intake grille.

Malfunction of the thermostat or icing protection probe (if one has been installed).

Check whether electrical connections on the thermostat or the icing protection probe is correct and whether the bulb is firmly touching the evaporator coil. If necessary, replace the component (see also “Technical documentation for AC installations in vehicles”).

Malfunction of the compartment ventilation fan.

When the air conditioner is turned on, at least the first fan level must be active. Checking the compartment ventilation fan’s electrical connection (see wiring diagram).

The compressor's suction pressure regulator is defective (only for compressors with adjustable displacement (V)).

Functional check of the control valve for displacement (see Worksheet 4 and “Technical documentation for AC systems in vehicles”). If the pressure control valve is defective, replace the component.

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