Hybrid flush kit for ASC 2000, R134a

A/C service on electric and hybrid drive vehicles involves special requirements. For example, workshops have to guarantee that the compressor oils, mostly POEs or special PAG oils, are electrically non-conductive. This can only be ensured if the oils are meticulously protected against humidity (humidity-free storage and feeding) and the right type of oil is used. Proper flushing is the only way to prevent unwanted and illegal oil cross contamination and the associated hazards (electric stroke, acid formation). Therefore, we offer special flush kits for use on hybrid vehicles, compatible with ASC 2000 service units (hybrid flush kits for other ASC units are also available).
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    • Specially designed for flushing the A/C systems of hybrid vehicles
    • Simple, fully automatic cleaning and flushing
    • Helps protect all parts of an A/C unit by thoroughly clearing away aggressive substances and contaminants from the refrigerant circuit
    • Kit includes innovative flush container designed for ASC-series service units
    • Supplied with special software and operating instructions
    • Approved in accordance with SAE J 2843/2788/2843H
    • Compatible with ASC 2000 service unit. Hybrid flush kits for other ASC units are also available


SKU number 8885200261 
Model Flushing Devices 
Product Description Hybrid flush kit for ASC 2000, R134a 
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