Vacuum pump oil for R134a and R1234yf, HT 32, 1,000 ml

Apart from OEM-quality and aftermarket compressor oils, WAECO provides several special oils to repair and maintain different components of an A/C system in a vehicle. WAECO vacuum pump oil can be used effectively for R134a and R1234yf systems. The highly compatible, non-hygroscopic universal oil (which does not absorb moisture) is well suited for lubricating O-rings and threads to achieve a good sealing effect when sliding.
art.nr : 8887200018
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    • Universal vacuum pump oil – for service on R134a and R1234yf A/C systems
    • Fits all WAECO ASC service units
    • Easy to use canister with practical handle


SKU number 8887200018 
Model Canister 
Scope of delivery Vacuum Pump Oil, 1000 ml, white plastic canister with screw cap and handle 
Product Description Vacuum pump oil for R134a and R1234yf, HT 32, 1,000 ml 
For Refrigerant R134a, R1234yf