DHO PR PAG oil ISO 100 for R134a, 250 ml

Which oil for which A/C compressor? Always make sure you use the right type (PAG or POE) and also the right viscosity for the A/C compressor! To find out which type of oil is flowing through the cooling circuit, refer to the vehicle documents or the service sticker of the A/C system. The high quality OEM grade oils from our Silver line are approved by leading car compressor manufacturers and used by automotive manufacturers worldwide for initial equipment filling and for servicing.
art.nr : 8887200060
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    • Premium quality original PAG oil (Daphne Hermetic PAG)
    • Double end capped – superior performance, longevity and system compatibility
    • Suitable for service on A/C systems with R134a refrigerant (not for R1234yf)
    • Chemically inert and very stable
    • Supplied in 250 ml can – simply use the quantity required
    • Also available in WAECO’s patented Professional Oil System for moisture-free storage
    • Not suitable for hybrid vehicles


SKU number 8887200060 
Model Can 
Scope of delivery WAECO DHO PR, 250 ml, metal can with screw cap 
Product Description DHO PR PAG oil ISO 100 for R134a, 250 ml 
For Refrigerant R134a 
Oil Type PAG 
Viscosity High (ISO 100) 
EAN-13 4015704262193