RB100EV POE oil for R134a and R1234yf, Profi Oil System, 150 ml

The WAECO OEM-quality oils are approved by leading car compressor manufacturers. They comply with the oils used by automotive manufacturers worldwide for initial filling and for servicing. Always make sure you use the right type (PAG or POE) with the right viscosity for the A/C compressor. To find out which type of oil is flowing through the cooling circuit, refer to the vehicle documents or the service sticker of the A/C system.
art.nr : 8887200072
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    • Keeps moisture out of the A/C system – no acid or ice formation, no risk of corrosion
    • Maintains the oil’s lubricating properties – extends the lifetime of the compressor and the entire A/C system
    • Patented solution – approved by many automotive manufacturers
    • Convenient handling – simple connection to the A/C service port with a special adaptor
    • Complete discharge – prevents oil loss and saves costs


SKU number 8887200072 
Model Profi Oil Bottle 
Scope of delivery RB100EV, Profi Oil System, 150 ml, in cardbord box 
Product Description RB100EV POE oil for R134a and R1234yf, Profi Oil System, 150 ml 
Dimensions product depth 65 mm
Dimensions product height 140 mm
Dimensions product width 65 mm
Net weight 0.23 kg
For Refrigerant R134a, R1234yf 
Oil Type POE 
EAN-13 4015704274806