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Products for removal of unpleasant odors

AirCon Refresh

Remove unpleasant odors coming from the A/C system

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Remove unpleasant odors coming from the interior of the vehicle

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Fresh air in the vehicle

Unpleasant odours in the vehicle can have a multitude of causes. In many cases the bad smell comes directly from the air vents, because bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms have settled in the air conditioning. The new AirCon Ready Refresh A/C cleaner tackles the problem at the source – on a probiotic basis. Unlike commonly used A/C disinfectants, AirCon Ready Refresh works with microorganisms. The advantages are obvious:

  • No use of aggressive cleaners or disinfectants
  • No problems with resistant germs
  • Extremely easy application
  • No additional technology required – all that is needed comes with the can

What does “probiotic” actually mean?

Probiotic means the use of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or yeasts. This method has been applied for thousands of years in food manufacturing, for example the production of yoghurt, cheese or sauerkraut. Probiotic liquids designed to boost intestinal flora levels are a more recent application. The same principle may be applied in the field of cleaning, where the probiotic germs have the welcome effect of repressing the harmful germs.

What is the difference to common cleaners?

Common cleaning or disinfection processes imply that all microorganisms are eliminated or killed. Since we live in a world full of microorganisms, however, this effect can only be a temporary one. New microorganisms will settle and may even multiply to a larger extent than before, all competition being extinct.