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UV leak detection additives

UV leak detection additives are well proven worldwide, because they are fast and easy to use providing high leak detection accuracy at competitive costs. Caution is advised because poor quality products can cause wear on the seals in the air conditioner as well as in the A/C service unit. Moreover, leak detection additives can contain solvents that impair the refrigerant oil‘s lubricating ability. Therefore, when buying a leak detection additive, make sure you get a quality one!

For use with refrigerant oils (PAG, mineral oil, ester), there’s currently only one UV additive available that contains no solvents whatsoever, features an excellent fluorescence and is based on high-quality refrigerant oils only. Its name: TRACER®. When properly applied, this additive is absolutely safe for use in all types of automotive air conditioners and AC service units. Special TRACER® leak detection additives have already been approved for use with new refrigerants, such as CO2 and R 1234yf. TRACER® products contain 10 times more dye than other UV additives, which makes them much more effective when it comes to tracing smaller leaks.

Compressor oil with UV additive – it’s all about the right blend!

When adding UV leak detection dyes please note that the compressor oil and the UV additive must be perfectly coordinated to avoid dangerous mixtures. This is especially important if you are working on hybrid vehicles. Adding incompatible leak detection dyes can lead to a scenario where the compressor oil gets electrically conductive and life-threatening voltages build up in the area around the A/C compressor.

Protect your service staff and make sure you have the right blend. We can advise you on the right product to use.