SK47, set of chip filters with tools

The ideal life insurance for a newly fitted compressor! A chip filter will catch contaminants and residual particles, protecting the new unit and preventing costly repairs from being needed further down the line. Installation is easy and risk-free, with no need to cut pipes, insert fittings or add new connections that could leak. This range of chip filters gives you a wide choice of sizes for use in different A/C systems.
art.nr : 8885300128
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    • Catches contaminants to provide protection for the compressor - especially important if you've just fitted a new one!
    • Easy to fit – no need to cut pipes or insert fittings
    • Set includes 60 filters in 20 different sizes, as well as the tools required to fit them


SKU number 8885300128 
Model Flushing and Filter 
Product Description SK47, set of chip filters with tools