Adapter for R1234yf refrigerant bottle

WAECO adapters ensure you can use your A/C service equipment on nearly all kinds of air conditioners, regardless of the vehicle brand and the type of connection used. Connect with ease.
  • For R1234yf refrigerant bottle
  • Fits ASC 5100 G, 5300 G, 5500 G RPA
  • Seal included
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art.nr : 8885400206
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    • Designed for easy connection of R1234yf refrigerant bottle
    • Fits WAECO A/C service units ASC 5100 G, ASC 5300 G, ASC 5500 G RPA
    • Supplied with matching seal


Numéro SKU 8885400206 
Modèle Adapter 
Adapter for R1234yf refrigerant bottle 
Pour les réfrigérants R1234yf