WAECO R1234yf
Refrigerant filling for R1234yf, 5 kg

The type-tested refillable WAECO bottle for R134a refrigerant has succesfully proven itself in daily workshop use for decades. Naturally, we now also offer a version for the new refrigerant R1234yf – clearly recognisable by the signal red colour of the stand-up collar. Avoiding any risk of confusion! Use R134a and R1234yf refrigerant from a refillable WAECO bottle and reduce waste. All refrigerant bottles come with a refill safety device to protect you and your service tools. Also, since the bottles don't have a riser tube, it's possible to extract the refrigerant in gas or liquid form. Suitable for all charging units in mobile or stationary use.
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Reusable container
    Minimizes waste
  • No confusion possible
    Clearly marked
art.nr : 8887100019
WAECO R1234yf
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    • Easy and safe charging with type-tested refill bottle (required accessory)
    • Reusable container system – minimizes waste and protects the environment
    • Type of refrigerant is clearly indicated – no confusion possible


SKU-szám 8887100019 
Modell R1234yf 
Szállítási terjedelem R1234yf - 5 kg Filling 
Termékleírás Refrigerant filling for R1234yf, 5 kg 
5.00 kg
EAN-13 4015704226607