Nitrogen pressure gauge and leak detector

One way to check for leaks in an A/C system is to use nitrogen gas. This method, which uses differential pressure, is primarily suitable for the initial testing of strongly leaking or even empty systems. The WAECO AirConService range provides professional tools and complete kits for this leak detection method.
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    • For inspections on A/C evaporators and complete A/C systems in installed condition
    • Manometer block with vent valve and safety valves; 36 bar opening pressure
    • Nitrogen pressure reducer, adjustable from 0–35 bar
    • Test manometer 0–40 bar, calibration: 1 bar, class 1.0
    • Supplied complete with service quick coupler, 1.8 m service hose for low side, 1/4" SAE to 1/2" ACME adapter and cylinder trolley for manometer block


SKU-szám 8885400092 
Modell Nitrogen Leak Detection 
Termékleírás Nitrogen pressure gauge and leak detector 
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