Service quick coupler, low-pressure, R1234yf

Space is in short supply in today's engine compartments. As a result, automotive manufacturers are often using concealed areas to accommodate A/C components, which are impossible to access with a standard service coupler. The WAECO AirCon Service range includes a variety of service quick couplers that have been specially developed to ensure you can easily connect to even the most hard-to-reach ports.
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    • High-quality coupler that makes it quick and easy to connect A/C service units to automotive air conditioners – even when ports are in hard-to-access places
    • Extends the vehicle‘s low-pressure port for easier connection of the A/C service unit
    • Designed for service work on R1234yf A/C systems


SKU-szám 8885400345 
Modell Adapter 
Termékleírás Service quick coupler, low-pressure, R1234yf 
EAN-13 4015704260243