WAECO extends its range of containers for moisture-free storage of PAG oils and UV additives

WAECO extends its range of containers for moisture-free storage of PAG oils and UV additives

New 150 ml container size and adapter solutions for third-party providers

WAECO has been an established, innovative player in the air conditioning business for many years. Well known for its Low Emission technology for A/C service units, the German company has also done decades of research work in the field of consumables for A/C service.

More than 25 years ago, WAECO started a co-operation with Spectronic, a manufacturer of UV leak detection additives. This strategic alliance resulted in a cumulative leak detection method based on the use of UV dyes. Year 2016 saw WAECO announce a partnership with the japanese company Idemitsu, a well-established specialist in mineral oil-based lubricants and the leading manufacturer of PAG oils.

As a trendsetter and technology leader, WAECO started working on solutions for moisture-free storage of oils and UV additives on A/C service units early on. Ready to meet the requirements of vehicle manufacturers, the company came up with an optimal solution. The professional oil containers – filled with manufacturers’ oils and UV dyes – have been successfully used for several years.


500ml cans and laminate container

From now on WAECO will also offer its innovative, vapour-tight containers to customers who don’t have a WAECO A/C service unit. Using the new 150 ml cans of the professional oils system and the adapters developed by WAECO, it is now possible to attach the moisture-free storage containers to the service units of other manufacturers.


The new container sizes and the adapter solutions for third-party service units will be presented for the first time at this year’s Automechanika trade show.

Asked about the necessity of such a solution, WAECO refers to a study which revealed that not all oil and UV dye containers declared to be moisture-free truly are moisture-free. Tests have shown that various competitor service units fitted with an allegedly moisture-free system absorb a considerable amount of moisture from the ambient air, which the PAG oil or, respectively, the UV additive thermo-chemically unstable.


Water content in ppm after days
3 7 14
Manufacturer 1 2840 4336 6124
Manufacturer 2 614 723 1342
Manufacturer 3 2487 4617 6204
Manufacturer 4 3461 5189 6085
Manufacturer 5 114 143 158
Erlenmeyer flask 3158 5611 7227
Max. permissible value 800 800 800



Considering a maximum permissible water of contained in the oil of 800 ppm, it becomes obvious that this limit is exceeded by all other manufacturers in the test. The results range from corrosion damage scenarios in vehicle A/C systems to compressor damage on the vehicle.



The new adapters will be available as of January 2019. They will be offered by WAECO for the most commonly used third party brands in order to ensure moisture-free storage of oils and UV additives on the service units of the company’s competitors too.



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