R134a Refrigerant

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The old refrigerant

In 2011, the EU banned refrigerant R134a for use in the A/C systems of newly built cars due to its damaging effects on the Earth's ozone layer. Since then, other regions have also started to phase out its use. However, there are still many vehicles in operation which were built pre-2011 and therefore rely on R134a to operate their A/C system.

About the R134a A/C Refrigerant

R134a, also known as tetrafluoroethane, comes from the HCFC refrigerant family. Its extremely low boiling point allows it to evaporate into a vapour with very little thermal energy, enabling the rapid extraction of heat. Importantly, is also not flammable or explosive.

For vehicles manufactured pre-2011, and which rely on R134a for their air conditioner system, WAECO offers the R134a refrigerant in refillable bottles.

Air conditioning service units for R134a