IDEMITSU & Dometic WAECO – Strategic partnership in original compressor oils


WAECO Daphne hermetic PAG oil

Daphne Hermetic Oil double-end-capped PAG Lubricants are approved by leading car compressor manufacturers such as Denso, Hanon, Mahle, Sanden, Valeo and used by automotive manufacturers worldwide for initial equipment fill and for servicing.

IDEMITSU and Dometic are sharing one goal. Both companies want to fill, store and charge high quality original oils into automotive air conditioning systems moisture-free. Together they now complete the process chain. Excellent conditions to guarantee expert service on vehicle A/C systems.

Original IDEMITSU oils in patented WAECO containers:

  • WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oil 1234yf
  • WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oil PS-F
  • WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oil PR

Using HFO-1234yf as successor of R134a in automotive a/c systems brings a lot of challenges for the refrigeration oil in the compressor. The chosen lubricant must keep performance during duration of use because higher reactivity of HFO1234yf compared with R134a. WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oils based on IDEMITSU doubleendcapped polyalkylene glycols (PAG) can provide the protection the cooling system needs while ensuring that HFO1234yf refrigerant is operating properly.

WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oil 1234yf is characterised by a good miscibility with HFO-1234yf and provide excellent chemical, thermal, and hydrolytic stability. High Viscosity Index (VI) provides unsurpassed lubricity over a wide temperature range. The synthetic formula guarantees superior wear protection, and meets OE extended service interval requirements.

Due to their comparatively polar structure, PAGs absorb water rapidly. WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oils based on IDEMITSU Daphne Hermetic double-end-capped polyalkylene glycols (PAG) are less hygroscopic than ordinary PAG. Nevertheless the corresponding care must be also taken when handling these products protecting against moisture impact, which may lead to acid or ice formation in the A/C system. Storing the ultra-dried WAECO Daphne Hermetic Oils with the WAECO humidity free storage and feeding system makes this all different: the oils are stored moisture-free in aluminium laminated bags contained in a protective metal cylinder.

Double end capped



IDEMITSU is the world‘s leading manufacturer of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) oil, the primary lubricant used for automotive air conditioners. The Daphne Hermetic PAG offers superior performance, longevity and system compatibility. The chemical structure of IDEMITSU‘s PAG series has proved it to be a superior formulation when compared to ordinary PAG. Ordinary, open-ended PAG molecules are quite chemically active. Typical PAG products are formulated by capping one end of the main carbon chain.

The lubricants in the Daphne Hermetic PAG series, however, are formulated with both ends capped, making chemically inactive and very stable. Although PAGs are hygroscopic, Daphne Hermetic PAG oils are very tolerant of moisture even at high temperatures and will not react to form harmful acids.

Professional standard

ASC by WAECO is, and has been for years, the abbreviation for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology in A/C service equipment. The series is constantly improved and complemented to meet future requirements. All ASC service units are state of the art and fully automatic

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