Professional tips on oils

Make sure you use the right type

Which oil for which A/C compressor? This question is frequently asked in view of the wide variety of compressor oils offered in the market. Here is a simple rule from our A/C professionals: always make sure you use the right type! If there is PAG oil in the system, recharge with PAG oil, if it’s PAO oil, fill up with PAO oil. Also, it is recommendable to use the special oils of the respective compressor manufacturer, because they are perfectly coordinated with the system.

To find out which type of oil is flowing through the cooling circuit, refer to the vehicle documents or the service sticker of the A/C system. When in doubt better always check and make a note of the viscosity!


When adding UV leak detection dyes please note that the compressor oil and the UV additive must be perfectly coordinated to avoid dangerous mixtures. This is especially important if you are working on hybrid vehicles. Adding incompatible leak detection dyes can lead to a scenario where the compressor oil gets electrically conductive and life-threatening voltages build up in the area around the A/C compressor.

Protect your service staff and make sure you have the right blend. We can advise you on the right product to use.

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ASC by WAECO is, and has been for years, the abbreviation for excellent quality and cutting-edge technology in A/C service equipment. The series is constantly improved and complemented to meet future requirements. All ASC service units are state of the art and fully automatic

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