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WAECO A/C cleaner has proven to prevent virus spread in vehicles

Stockholm, Sweden - June 2021. New laboratory test by an independent institution proves WAECO A/C cleaner AirCon Refresh effectively kills enveloped viruses and can help to prevent virus and bacteria spread in vehicles.

Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount in pandemic times – this also goes for everyone travelling in a car, motorhome, bus or truck. Cleaning the surfaces is a relatively easy task with the commonly available disinfectants. When it comes to the effective disinfection of a vehicle A/C system, professional equipment is required. The ultrasonic atomizer WAECO Refresh-o-Mat HD provides excellent conditions for a thorough disinfection down to the farthest corners of the A/C system. Manufacturer Dometic also offers the matching active substance: The A/C cleaner WAECO AirCon Refresh has proven in a laboratory test according to EN 14476 to effectively eliminate enveloped viruses –  viruses of the same category that also includes the coronavirus.

The AirCon Refresh A/C cleaner has for years been a top seller in the WAECO’s comprehensive range of A/C workshop equipment. Specially formulated for the cleaning and maintenance of vehicle air conditioners, it effectively eliminates mould, bacteria and other harmful germs from evaporators, air-vent channels and condensation drains. It is likewise suitable for cleaning the interior of the vehicle. However, does an A/C disinfection with AirCon Refresh also eliminate the coronavirus? To be on the safe side with this sensitive issue, the company had its product tested in an independent laboratory.

During the evaluation the WAECO A/C cleaner was tested against so called “enveloped viruses”, a category that also includes the corona pathogen. Having passed the test, the manufacturer is allowed to declare that AirCon Refresh is “active against all enveloped viruses according to EN 14476:2013+A2:2019”. Additionally, the surface cleaner successfully passed the effectiveness test against the norovirus.

Not only in pandemic times it is important to regularly disinfect the vehicle A/C system. After all, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms find ideal growth conditions inside: dark surroundings and exactly the right temperature. If the germs penetrate into the passenger compartment via the ventilation slots, this can cause severe health risks like allergies and infections.

Industry experts anticipate that, with the progressing COVID pandemic, vehicle disinfection will soon be one of the most frequent maintenance tasks. The increasing demand will not only be faced by motor garages, but also by car dealers, motorhome rental businesses, bus companies, filling stations and fleet operators.

Besides effective, approved cleaning substances, suitable “hardware” for their application will also be required. Using the WAECO Refresh-o-Mat HD ultrasonic atomizer, harmful germs can be quickly and effectively removed from vehicle A/C systems. HD stands for heavy duty: a practical device in a robust, stainless steel housing, specially designed for professional applications. The tank of the ultrasonic atomizer contains about 400 ml of cleaning fluid. That’s enough capacity even for a high-volume bus or truck air conditioner.

The WAECO AirCon Refresh A/C cleaner is available in 1-litre bottles or handy 100-ml single-portion bottles containing exactly the right quantity for one car application. Detailed information on the topic of A/C cleaning and disinfection is available at the manufacturer’s website, www.waeco.com.

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