Oil Checker Easy, R134a

Oil Checker Easy is a simple and practical service tool that allows you to check the condition of the refrigerant oil in an A/C system. By checking the color of an oil sample, you can tell whether the oil is OK or whether a flush is required. Issues with the oil could also indicate a more serious problem with the A/C unit's compressor, so this device acts as an invaluable early warning system that could prevent costly repairs in the future.
art.nr : 8885100163
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    • An easy way to check the oil and refrigerant in an A/C system
    • Can help to detect compressor damage at an early stage, preventing costly repairs further down the line
    • Can be used while the A/C system is in operation
    • Supplied complete with service hoses and service couplers for the low-pressure and high-pressure side
    • For R134a


Numer SKU 8885100163 
Model Service Tools 
Zakres dostawy Sight glass inclusive 1,8m hoses 1/4" SAE, quick couplers and manual 
Opis produktu Oil Checker Easy, R134a 
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Waga netto 3 kg
EAN-13 7315091423311 
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