Adapter R1234yf, 3/8" SAE, for universal flush container

Flushing is an important part of servicing an automotive A/C system. By clearing away aggressive substances and contaminants from the refrigerant circuit, flushing protects all parts of the air conditioner from damage, including the core compressor. To make the process as straightforward as possible, we offer a wide choice of flush adapter kits and complementary adapters.
art.nr : 8885400343
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    • For use of universal flush container on R1234yf A/C systems
    • Connects to 3/8" SAE service ports
    • Complements A/C Flush Adapter Kit I (8885300089)


Número SKU 8885400343 
Modelo Adapter 
Descrição do produto Adapter R1234yf, 3/8" SAE, for universal flush container 
Para refrigerante R1234yf 
EAN-13 4015704248920