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A/C Tools: Supporting service every step of the way

In your auto A/C workshop or mobile service environment, you need to be able to lay your hands on the right air conditioning tools at the right time. Furthermore, you need to know that they won’t let you down, so that you can carry on doing what you do best: meeting your customers’ needs, every moment of every working day. WAECO’s comprehensive range of air conditioning tools lets you do just that. From simple mechanical hand tools like ratchet wrenches and O-ring pickers, to sophisticated state-of-the-art devices, such as our dual diagnostic thermometer for two-zone air conditioners, our range of tools – developed across 30 years of experience in A/C systems – helps make WAECO the go-to store for automotive air conditioning service specialists.

Why WAECO tools?

We talk to the automotive industry all the time about the latest technology, so we are up to speed with what A/C service workshops need. We also keep up with developments in standards, so you can be confident that our products meet the latest technical, environmental, and safety requirements. WAECO’s positioning as a technology leader in automotive air conditioning, coupled with its constant innovation, gives it the in-depth knowledge needed to produce the tools you need.

A wealth of possibilities

Our air conditioning tools can help you perform a huge range of jobs. Here are just a few of them:

  • Identifiers to check the purity of refrigerant in A/C systems or bottles
  • Pressure meters for checking the pressure in vehicle A/C systems
  • Digital thermometers for reception testing of automotive A/C systems
  • Vacuum pump and refrigerant recovery unit (to be used in combination, for A/C recovery operations)
  • Forming gas pressure reducer for leak testing
  • Portable refrigerant scales for accurate refrigerant charging and recovery
  • Hand-held tools such as adjustable spanners, ratchet wrenches, and O-ring pick tools

Safety First

In addition to ensuring that your work is perfect from a technical perspective, our air conditioning tools also help keep you – and your colleagues, customers, and the environment – safe when carrying out automotive air conditioning services. Key protection features and benefits in terms of personal and environmental safety include:

  • Sturdy cylinder for refrigerant storage and charging, equipped with manometer and safety valve
  • Infrared laser thermometer, allowing contact-free temperature measurement of system surfaces
  • Special kit for safe and efficient recovery of contaminated refrigerant
  • Refrigerant recovery unit awarded the TÜV GS safety mark

Genuinely specialized tasks

Our range of air conditioning tools has depth as well as breadth, giving service specialists the capability to cover a comprehensive range of specialized tasks that require highly specific tools. Examples include our valve fitting tools suitable for special valves on US, European, or Japanese vehicles; the octagonal socket tool for fitting service valves on the high-pressure side of auto A/C systems; and the special tool for opening solenoid valves in refrigerant circuits.

Many of our tools are also suitable for use in mobile service environments.

WAECO’s range of air conditioning tools, together with our technical expertise and awareness of standards and safety, give you the freedom to focus on your service jobs, whenever and wherever they may be.