Replacement filter for universal flush container

When flushing an A/C system, it is strongly recommended that you fit a chip filter to the suction line in order to protect the compressor. This is especially advisable when you’ve replaced the compressor, as the filter will keep any residual particles away from the newly fitted unit. For best results, the filter should be replaced after every flushing process, for each vehicle. This replacement filter is designed for use with the WAECO Universal Flush Containers.
art. nr.: 8880700362


SKU-nummer 8880700362 
Model Filter 
Produktbeskrivelse Replacement filter for universal flush container 
Mål for produktdybde 50 mm
Mål for produkthøjde 120 mm
Mål for produktbredde 50 mm
Nettovægt 0.40 kg
Til kølemiddel R1234yf, R134a, R513A 
EAN-13 4015704293401