Reference leak for electronic leak detectors

This universal reference leak gives you an easy way to check that your electronic leak detector is functioning properly. Simply place the probe of the leak detector on the opening of the reference leak. If the leak detector indicates a leak, it is working. If it doesn’t, you should have it checked or recalibrated.
  • Easy leak detector check
  • Utilizzo universale
  • Lunga durata
art.nr : 8885100095
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    • Practical tool for checking the functioning and sensitivity of electronic leak detectors
    • Universal use – suitable for all electronic leak detectors sensitive to fluorinated hydrocarbons (HFCs)
    • Long service life – will last approximately 5 years
    • Approved for use with leak detectors that respond to both R134a and R1234yf
    • Release rate: 5 g / year at 20 °C


Codice SKU 8885100095 
Modello Service Tools 
Descrizione prodotto Reference leak for electronic leak detectors 
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