Chip Filter 13,23 mm, 3 Pieces

The ideal life insurance for a newly fitted compressor! A chip filter will catch contaminants and residual particles, protecting the new unit and preventing costly repairs from being needed further down the line. Installation is easy and risk-free, with no need to cut pipes, insert fittings or add new connections that could leak. This range of chip filters gives you a wide choice of sizes for use in different A/C systems.
art.nr : 8887300028
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    • 13.23 mm diameter
    • Catches contaminants to provide valuable protection for the compressor – especially important if you've just fitted a new one!
    • Easy to install, with no need to cut pipes or add new connections


Codice SKU 8887300028 
Modello Filter 
Descrizione prodotto Chip Filter 13,23 mm, 3 Pieces 
EAN-13 4015704221497