WAECO Refresh-O-Mat
Hose set for Refresh-o-mat HD ultrasonic atomizer

Refresh-o-mat HD is an ultrasonic atomizer that effectively removes harmful microorganisms from automotive A/C systems. This high-performance device has the capacity to atomize up to 400 ml of cleaner fluid (with a flow rate of 383 l/h), making it suitable for disinfecting larger A/C systems on buses or trucks. Using the optional hose set, the atomizer can also be connected to a vehicle’s air ducts to give them a thorough clean.
  • Connects atomizer to vehicle's air ducts
  • Fast and thorough cleaning
  • Removes harmful microorganisms
art.nr : 8885300097
WAECO Refresh-O-Mat
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    • Allows you to connect the Refresh-o-mat HD Ultrasonic Atomizer to a vehicle’s air ducts
    • A fast and effective method to give an automotive A/C system a thorough clean
    • Removes harmful microorganisms from A/C systems


Codice SKU 8885300097 
Modello Nebulizer 
Descrizione prodotto Hose set for Refresh-o-mat HD ultrasonic atomizer