Adapter 3/8" on high-pressure side

Flushing is an important part of servicing an automotive A/C system. By clearing away aggressive substances and contaminants from the refrigerant circuit, flushing protects all parts of the air conditioner from damage, including the core compressor. To help make the process as straightforward as possible, we offer a wide range of flush adapter kits, as well as complementary adapters.
  • Enkel anslutning av AC-serviceslangar
  • Hållbart material av hög kvalitet
  • Kompletterar AC-spolningsadapterkit I
art.nr: 8885400104
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    • Underlättar anslutning av AC-serviceslangar till högtryckssidan
    • Tillverkad av hållbart material av hög kvalitet som tål krävande verkstadsanvändning
    • Kompletterar AC-spolningsadapterkit I (8885300089)


SKU-nummer 8885400104 
Modell Adapter 
Produktbeskrivning Adapter 3/8" on high-pressure side